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The many benefits of Summer Camp for your Kids

The summer holidays are almost here, which means it’s time to start planning some awesome adventures to keep your children fit, healthy and active.
Adventure Zone is excited to announce that our Summer Camp program is back by popular demand, which might be exactly what you’re looking for!

What are summer camps?

Summer camps are supervised programs for kids of all ages which are run during the warmer months of the year. The purpose of these camps is to give them the opportunity to hone in on or learn new skills, while having heaps of fun interacting with others in the process.

Why should my child attend a summer camp?

Although kids get a lot of enjoyment out of playing at home and school, often a new environment that is centered around play can bring out the adventurer in them. In a group, they are able to grow and learn together creating fond memories and experiences.

Summer Camp gives them a chance to:

● Keep their minds active
● Step outside of their comfort zone
● Build confidence and character development
● Encourage them to work as a team
● Explore new interests
● Discover more about themselves

What will my child learn on Summer Camp?

There are many learning and growth opportunities while on summer camp. The aim of the activities that are run are to push them to challenge themselves in a controlled environment where they can improve upon:

● Teamwork
● Self-confidence and independence
● Making new friends
● Creativity
● Cognitive ability
● Strength and endurance
● Hand, foot, eye coordination
● Flexibility
● Trust
● Focus
● Increase happiness

What activities does Adventure Zone provide?

Summer camps have a massive variety of captivating activities that can exercise both their body and mind. As one of the top indoor playgrounds in the UAE, we know the importance of providing enough stimulation and excitement for your child.

At Adventure Zone’s Summer Camps, we have the following much-loved attractions:

● Climbing Pinnacle
● High Rops
● Low Ropes
● Themed Funwalls
● Skatepark
● Trampoline Park
● Ninja Course
● Soft Play Area
● Arts and crafts
● Indoor games

Interested in a summer camp?

Summer camps are an amazing way for your child to challenge themselves and gain many fond memories and friendships. Not only this, but it will expend all of their energy, helping to promote a healthy mind and body.

Sound like an awesome adventure? Our friendly Adventure Zone team is ready to welcome your child to our Summer Camp, where they will be introduced to a world of action-packed activities to help them boost confidence and flourish.

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