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Reasons why your child needs a summer camp

Are you ready for this Summer Camp in Dubai 2022 

For generations, kids have spent their summer holidays at day and sleepaway camps, trying new activities such as swimming, hiking, and various other sports. 

But what many families do not realize is that camp provides children with many opportunities to develop important life skills that are difficult to achieve in any other environment. Especially in the hot weather, summer camp in Dubai has been the most favorite attraction for kids.

Here are some reasons why you should be on the hunt for unique summer camp experiences for your kids.

Summer camp will make your kids experience various activities


The best summer camp in Dubai is Adventure Zone Dubai, where your kids have an exciting learning experience with numerous activities like climbing, team-building, trampoline, arts & crafts, rope courses, and much more. Let your kids have fun and adventure with learning.  

Summer camp educates your child

There is more to learning than test-taking and obtaining good grades. The summer camp offers one of the most powerful learning environments and can be a place where a child’s social education takes place. It provides children with the opportunity to try different activities. 

When they succeed at these activities, they eventually build self-esteem. Children also build social skills and problem-solving skills by being a part of a supportive community and part in activities together. They are challenged and encouraged to grow each day.

Summer camp allows kids to unplug from technology 

Today kids are spending more than 7.5 hours a day involved with technology, which often takes the place of vital hands-on activities and socialization opportunities. The majority of summer camps have banned most of the technology, including TV, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. 

Taking a break from technology over the summer enables children to communicate face to face.

Summer camp allows Kids to Develop socially and emotionally 

Balancing school schedules, homework, and extracurricular activities don’t leave much room for playtime. Free and unstructured play is healthy and is very essential for helping children to reach important social, emotional, and cognitive developmental milestones. 

It also helps kids to manage their stress. Traditional summer camps give children plenty of playtime, which leads to strong emotional and social development.

Summer camp can cultivate leadership in kids  

Leadership is a primary quality that can take your child far, in academics, careers, and beyond.

Team-building and group-based activities give kids an opportunity to cultivate lasting leadership skills. Your child will learn the basics of being a mentor and a team member, regardless of the program they choose in summer camps.

Some kids go on to become mentors themselves after taking part in leadership activities which are provided by many summer camps Activities in Dubai

Summer camp promotes independence  

When kids go camping, they are allowed to grow more independent. Whether during a day or an entire summer, separation from parents means a camper has to learn how to rely on himself and other trusted adults and peers. 

Separation from parents gives a child the ability to think independently, which eventually builds self-esteem.

Summer camp teaches teamwork 

No matter what your kid’s interests are, whether it be sports or arts and crafts, the summer camp program will engage them in activities that require teamwork. Knowing how to work in a team is a valuable skill for life. 

It matters because it helps in developing communication skills, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills. 

An understanding of teamwork helps a child realize working with others is sometimes the most effective way to get things done. They will value teamwork as a solution, rather than thinking they need to handle tasks on their own. 

As a result, children will grow up with an enthusiasm to be active members of their community.

Summer camp teaches resiliency 

Resiliency is an essential life skill because to be resilient means to get up and push forward after a certain setback. 

Camp provides the opportunity for children to face many challenges and practice overcoming challenges. 

Camp teaches the value of effort and encourages kids to believe in themselves as they overcome challenges with determination, patience, and a drive to succeed. Learning different hobbies also teaches positive outlets to cope with life struggles, and kids will build a strong support system of camping buddies to help them spring over obstacles.

The benefits of summer camp are endless and can last a lifetime. Not only will your kid return from summer camp with self-confidence and a stronger sense of identity, but they will also have developed new skills, made new friends, and created memories they will cherish forever. 

Are you and your child excited to feel the joy of summer camp? 

You don’t need to worry Adventure Zone is here to make your kid’s the most loved summer by providing them the best summer camps in dubai 2022 experience in their lives. To learn more about steps we’re taking to keep your camper safe this summer check out our summer camp section. 


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