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The ultimate guide to planning a kids’ birthday party in Dubai

Kids are all about fun, frolic, adventure. They are filled to the brim with energy and liveliness. That’s why their birthday party demand more than just balloons and cakes.

One of the best things that you can do for your child is to throw them a birthday party that they are going to remember for a lifetime.

Now the question arises, what can you do to make a kid’s birthday party a joyride?

  Planning a kid’s birthday party is not a cakewalk. The stress of putting together every minute detail, organizing and executing everything perfectly to make it a successful event is a daunting task by itself. If your kid is lively and bubbling with energy, you can plan a birthday party that can give them the much-needed adrenaline kick on their special day! 

If you’re running out of creative ideas, we are here to ease the pressure on you. Here is an ultimate guide by Adventure Zone for everything you need to keep in mind while planning a successful birthday party!

Themes Birthday Party

Who doesn’t love a themed birthday party?

You can completely throw your kids off-guard by planning them a surprise birthday party. However, it can get 10 times more interesting if it went with a particular theme.

To choose a theme for the party, go with something that aligns with the interests of your child. List out your child’s favorite activity or take a look at the characters that they idolize and plan accordingly!

To start with the planning, you’ll need accessories that go with the theme. Luckily, if you’re planning your kid’s birthday with Adventure Zone, we ensure to make a complete list of all the accessories and party props and buy it for you! If you’re struggling to find a theme, go with a unicorn, mermaid, pooh theme!

Plan a successful themed birthday party for your little one with us!


A birthday party is incomplete without some mouthwatering delicacies. When it comes to food, there will be a variety of options for you to choose from! With Adventure Zone, you can rest assured that the food we will serve the guests will be fresh and delicious! You can choose from our list of delicacies to make the birthday perfect! Make sure to select food items that are delicious, healthy, inclusive of everyone’s food habits!

Birthday Party Entertainer

Do you know of a way to make a kid’s party enthralling without having to interact constantly?

Get a party entertainer!

Kids love mascots and entertainers, especially dressed as their favorite characters. Hiring a professional can heighten the exhilaration of the party, making it an amazing experience for the children.

Book a party entertainer with us!

Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes are the best part of any birthday party. Your kids deserve a super cute and yummy birthday cake. Ordering a moist, fluffy cake that is full of flavors is the only way to make the birthday party a successful event. You can also choose from a wide range of interesting and appealing designs to make your kid’s day!

Get the best birthday cakes at the most affordable prices with us!

Face painting

This particular fun activity can completely reform your kids’ birthday party into a paradise of fun and excitement!

Watch your kids lose themselves in this particular activity that creates an aura of bright splashes and whimsical entertainment. Not only kids but also adults invited to your party can engage themselves in this unique activity and bring out the child within!


Adding a pinata can be another exciting add-on activity that can make your kid’s birthday all the more exciting and special!

Make sure to fill up the pinatas with amazing treats that go with the theme of the party and witness the pure joy in their eyes when the pinata bursts open!

No better way to make a birthday party entertaining!

Plan A Birthday Party in Dubai| Adventure Zone

We know how much your kid’s happiness means to you. You’d go to any extent just to witness a beautiful smile on their face on their special day! But you don’t have to go through the stress of arranging, organizing, executing a birthday  all by yourself! We are here to your rescue!

Adventure Zone is a homegrown brand that is governed by one principle: to impart adventure and excitement into the lives of all our customers. 

With that thought insight, we are also the best party planners and we provide the best  birthday party deals in Dubai   , dedicating ourselves to make your event a major success. We help you plan and execute your kid’s birthday party right from the scratch! With us by your side, you can rest assured that every minute detail will be tended to, every arrangement will be done and every booking will be perfect. Wait and watch the magic unfold before your eyes at Adventure Zone.

We offer exclusive birthday packages customized to your requirements and prepared just for you! Our packages range from Adventurer Package, Traveller Package, Explorer Package, Globetrotter! Feel free to explore our packages and opt for our services to make your kids’ special day a part of their fondest memories for a lifetime!

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