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Best Fun Places to Visit in Dubai with kids

Dubai has beautiful, shiny skyscrapers, state-of-the-art buildings, and beautiful beaches, and much more with world-class tourism and great destinations to travel for the family as well as individuals. There are so many  places that you can have fun with your kids in Dubai and explore the adventure.

Here is the list of the top 10 best Fun places to visit in Dubai with Kids:

Adventure Zone

Adventure Zone is the most loved fun place by kids and is located at The Galleria Mall, Dubai. With lots of safe indoor activities in dubai, with  your kids will have an adventure and learn in one place. Adventure Zone offers activities like high ropes, climbing pinnacles, low ropes, themed fun walls, skateparks, trampoline parks, ninja courses, and a soft play area with the best safety measure.

Aquaventure waterpark 

The striking heat of Dubai makes the waterpark a must-have Fun Place to Visit in Dubai with kids. There are so many waterparks in Dubai, but the best and recommended waterpark in Dubai is Aquaventure. 

You can enjoy your day at the world’s largest waterpark, Aquaventure. Over 30 rides with attractions suited for kids and family, you can spend your day here, having the best underwater experience.  

The world’s tallest building- Burj Khalifa

Make the most of each moment when you travel by visiting Burj Khalifa, a height of 829.8 m, the world’s tallest building which is a must-visit in Dubai. It is one of the most famous attractions of the world which will be loved by your kids to watch as it is so tall that their necks will be tired looking for the top of the building. This magnificent structure is located next to the Dubai Mall and has visitors from all over the world. 

Visit Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo

Dubai Mall has 10 million liters of aquarium. There are over 140 species of fish, including 300 sharks, rays, and a submarine simulator. It is one of the most captivating kids’ attractions of Dubai. The 48-meter long walk-through tunnel is an interesting way to be a part of an exciting visit. With all the specials Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo is definitely worth your time and visit.


Kidzania is a great place packed with fun and learning for your kids. Kidzania has 40 role-playing games for kids aged 2-16, where they will learn about money, jobs, and the real world along with developing high skills that are not possible to be taught in classrooms. It is a replica of a real city and a must-have experience for kids Activities in Dubai

IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure is a must-go-to Fun Places to Visit in Dubai with kids with the 4 zones offering all the activities like rides, movies, dining, shopping, and meet with adventure zones of marvel, lost valley, cartoon network, IMG Boulevard, and Novo Cinemas. Your kids will not only love this but will not be able to stop talking about it. 

VR Park Dubai 

This indoor-themed Virtual reality park in Dubai has so many activities to offer which can be experienced with friends and family. From having multiple games inside to taking you to another planet, of a fully virtualized Dubai. Burj Drop and Dubai Drone are included in the rides with a full-size roller coaster sitting within its 7000 square meter arcade. You should set aside a few hours for this place as it also has a soft play area for kids. 

Dubai Dolphinarium

If you want your kids to experience fun like never before, Dubai’s Dolphinarium is the must-visit for them. It has the most unique indoor attraction as it is fully air-conditioned, allowing you to have interactions with dolphins and seals, through live shows and photo sessions. It is one of the most loved tourist places in 2021.

Museum of illusions

Let your kids enter the world of fascinating illusions! Museum of illusions will give you the experience of adventure, mystery, and magic with entertainment and fun. From 80 plus mind-blowing optical illusions and didactic rooms, it will keep you surprised by how far a human brain can perceive the outside world. Your kids will not only love this place but will not be able to shut talking about it.  

Street Maniax

The most popular adventure park in Dubai is Street Maniax. It is a jump park that welcomes you with the newest and coolest indoor jump park in Dubai. From Trampoline, obstacle courses, an indoor zipline, and even a virtual reality section there are multiple activities your kids can have the unique and fully immersive experience of. 

Let your kids have fun by visiting any of the listed places above in Dubai. You will have some life learning experience for kids as well as a fun and adventurous experience for you. 

Happy Travels!