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 Safety Requirements

All users must be over 1.4 meters in height to use the cable climb
All users must weight between 15kg and 125kg to use the climbing pinnacle
When using Adventure zone,fitted and enclosed shoes must be worn
All harmness and gear must be secured by an Adventure Zone instructor
Avoid wearing loose items of clothing when using Adventure Zone
Remove loose items , including jewellery and wallets , before using Adventure Zone.
All guidelines given by the Adventure Zone instructor must be adhered to
In the event that you have your own gear , a safety check has to be done by an Adventure Zone instructor

You are not permitted to use the Adventure Zone if:

You have a back or shoulder injury
You have medical conditions which could result in further injury
You are pregnant
You are under the influence of medication which effects your judgement or coordination

Safety Rules

Do not unclip yourself under5 any circumstances
Always ask our instructors to clip and unclip you from your route line
Do not stand underneath climbers descending the climbing pinnacle
To avoid collisions , remain within a given session / route of the wall
Do not fit or remove a harness without the assistance of an Adventure Zone instructor
The Yellow parameter(surrounding the climbing pinnacle ) must be kept clear at all times.
Do not enter the Adventure Zone unless accompanied by an Adventure Zone instructor
When abseiling down the climbing pinnacle, rappel straight down rather than propelling off the wall
Do not slide always hold on to the net at all times. Take care when walking down the net. This is not a Zip line.
Do not attempt to deviate from the safe pathway provided.
All spectators must stand behind the barriers.
Please respect and adhere to the rules and instructions enforced by Adventure Zone instructors

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