About Us

About Adventure Zone

Adventure Zone is a dedicated safe indoor adventure facility that can be enjoyed throughout the year. We offer a wide range of fun activities such as caving, skate park, zip line, trampoline park, fun walls and so much more.

Adventure Zone is supervised by certified instructors and designed to suit all fitness levels, making it an ideal adventure park for individuals, families, parties and events.

The Experience

Test your balance, attempt a backflip, climb the walls, dodge the obstacles, challenge yourself, push your limits, whilst you laugh your way towards a fitter body and healthier mind.


Adventure Zone was introduced in our first Adventure HQ store to add excitement and theatre to the retail environment. It was so well received by our customers that it was expanded as a stand-alone business model. It is now one of the leading indoor adventure parks in the region.


Our mission is to provide a safe and fun environment, which promotes a sustainable and active lifestyle amongst customers of all ages and skill levels.


Our vision is to be the leading destination for indoor adventure, which challenges and inspires our stakeholders to lead a sustainable and active lifestyle.

About us

Best indoor kids activities in Dubai - Adventure Zone

Adventure Zone believes in giving full adventurous experiences like never before to kids as well as adults of Dubai. With the expertise of certified and knowledgeable instructors, Adventure Zone makes sure you are safe and supervised individually. From Climbing Pinnacle, High Ropes, Low Ropes, Themed Funwalls, Skatepark, Trampoline Park, and Indoor Play Area we make sure each and every individual stays healthy and fit availing any of these activities. Adventure Zone has been the best spot when it comes to providing indoor kids activities in Dubai at affordable rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the examples of indoor activities are rock climbing and high and low ropes, fun walls, caving and trampoline park.
Indoor activities have many benefits like it creates happiness, reduces stress, brings out an opportunity for kids to make new friends, improves creativity and critical thinking
Indoor recreational activities sharpen your mind, serves as a great boredom buster, and bring kids closer.